Vaisakhi Festival 2020 | baisakhi festival 2020 india

Vaisakhi festival or Baisakhi festival 2020 India

Vaisakhi Festival 2020 | baisakhi festival 2020 india

This festival is very famous in India. The Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is widely celebrated by the Sikh community but most of the other community can join as the celebration of the Vaisakhi festival 2020 in India and all countries.

Vaisakhi also is known as Vaisakhi by many Indian peoples. Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is a historical and religious festival for the Shikh, Hindus, and Sikhism.

Vaishakhi celebrated every year in the month of April 13-14. Vaisakhi admires by the Khalsa Panth of worriers under guru Govind Singh Ji in 1699.

Vaisakhi or Baisakhi remembers Sikh's new year. which celebrates every year on April 13-14. Baisakhi is the spring harvest festival of Hindus and Sikhs.

It considers the major festivals in the history of Indian and Sikhs subcontinent that happened in the Punjab region.

How do Sikh and people of India celebrate the Vaisakhi festival 2020

Sikhs begin to visit Guru Dwara the holy place of Sikhism. They wear color full cloths and gather and there are lots of Vaisakhi festival events conducted by the peoples of India.

Baisakhi festival 2020 food in India;-

In India, there are lots of different food and different cultural festivals and Baisakhi is one of them. The Vaisakhi brings us very delicious food like- Meethey chawal, Kheer, Papad and many foods form an iconic part of Baisakhi.

Panjabi delicacies like Sarao da saag makke di roti, chole bhaturey, Pindi Chaney, mutton also bring the charm Baisakhi feast.
Who Is Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

He was the tenth Guru of Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was known as the greatest master of weaponry in the 16-17th century. As a result of the Sikhs successfully used weaponry art.and they were used weapons against the Mughals. The beliefs of Sikhism, articulate in the holy writing documents by Shri Guru Granth Sahib, include the faith and meditation on the name of one creator.

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vaisakhi festival

vaisakhi festival

vaisakhi festival 2020

vaisakhi festival 2020

vaisakhi festival

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bbaisakhi festival

If you want to write an essay on Vaisakhi so you can write this paragraph;-

festivals in general break the monotony of our mundane life marred by tensions and add color and joy to our life. There are many festivals celebrated in our country. 

some of these festivals are associated with religion while many others are related to seasons of nature Vaisakhi or Misaki is a very popular festival of Punjab.

which has both religious and agricultural significance it is the major festival of six that fall on 13thor 14th of April each year there is a holiday in Punjab on this day Misaki is primarily the harvest festival of Punjab.

It is celebrated to mark the arrival of the harvest the season for farmers it is that time of the year. when all their hard work pays off crops are grown and nurtured by them all year round ripe during this time the harvesting of the Rabi crop wheat, in particular, is started firmly on the day of Besakih with great pomp and show the Tang God on this day and gather round to celebrate the harvest on the day of Besakih.

The foundation of Khalsa Panth was led by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji; the tenth Sikh guru in the year 1699 at a nun possible. it gives the Sikh community all the more reason to celebrate this a day with great enthusiasm and joy the gurdwaras across India.

Especially in different regions of Punjab are decorated beautifully on the stage huge numbers of people visit gurudwaras to offer prayers traditionally fears are held in several places that are called the Besakih MELAS children's are very excited to visit.

These MELAS on the day of Besakih their is great rush in these fears people dress up in the folk guitars to rejoice the celebration .which improves the beauty of these fairs shops are beautifully decorated and attacked up with toys clothes and fancy items.

In Punjab people are seen indulging in Bhangra and gita to celebrate the day today the besakih festival has crossed the borders of punjab and is celebrated in many parts of the world it is celebrated with dance music and enjoyment and commemorates the virtue of our great gurus and saints this festival is a major part of history religion and culture of Punjab. 

The greatness of this day is multifaceted it is a festival of Baisakhi happiness that brings a message of spiritual joy peace and prosperity in our lives.